The King and I

Soundtrack (1956)





Anna (singing voice)
The King
Tuptim (singing voice)
Lady Thiang
Louis Leonowens
Lun Tha (singing voice)

Track List

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    • March of the Royal Siamese Children (main titles) .... Orchestra
    • I Whistle a Happy Tune .... Anna & Louis
    • My Lord and Master .... Tuptim
    • March of the Royal Siamese Children .... Children
    • Hello, Young Lovers .... Anna
    • A Puzzlement .... The King
    • Getting to Know You .... Anna, Children & Wives
    • We Kiss in a Shadow .... Tuptim & Lun Tha
    • I Have Dreamed .... Tuptim & Lun Tha
    • Shall I Tell You What I Think of You? .... Anne
    • Something Wonderful .... Lady Thiang
    • Prayer to Buddah .... The King & Wives
    • The Small House of Uncle Thomas Ballet .... Royal Dancers
    • Song of the King .... The King
    • Shall We Dance? .... Anna & The King
    • Something Wonderful (reprise) .... Chorus

Trivia & History

This soundtrack album contains "My Lord and Master", "Shall I Tell You What I Think of You?", and "I Have Dreamed" which were not in the film although "I Have Dreamed" was used as background music only. "Western People Funny" was dropped from the film also. The mono LP and the Angel CD contain the complete fan dance portion of "Getting to Know You" while the stereo LP and Capitol CD do not. The Capitol CD contains a 25 second longer take of "The March of the Siamese Children" than any of the other issues.

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