Bet Your Life

Original London Cast (1952)





Arthur Golightly
Bill Hartley

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    • Ta Ever So .... Arthur
    • Eat, Drink and Be Merry .... Kay and Arthur
    • I Want a Great Big Hunk of Male .... Kay
    • Now Is the Moment .... Kay and Arthur
    • What Care I? .... Jane
    • Being in Love (I Love Being in Love) .... Bill
    • All on Account of a Guy .... Kay and Jane
    • I Love Him as He Is .... Jane

Trivia & History

As far as we can find, the eight songs recorded by original cast membes with the theatre orchestra under the theatre conductor were issued only on 78s in 1952. The first time they were issued together on an LP or EP seems to have been on Blue Pear, probably in the early 1980s. We list the numbers in show order, which is not the order in which they appeared on Blue Pear. The original pairings on the 78s were:

"I Love Him As He Is" with "All on Account of a Guy"
"Now Is the Moment" with "I Want a Great Big Hunk of Male"
"I Love Being in Love" with "What Care I?
"Ta Ever So" with "Eat, Drink and Be Merry"

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