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Encores! Production (2015)

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Trivia & History

The playbill for the production listed Micheline as a character name for one of the "Fandango Ladies." This name had not been used in either the original Broadway production or the tour. Micheline was the first name of the fourth of Alan Jay Lerner's eight wives. Her full name, prior to marriage, was Micheline Muselli Pozzo di Borgo. The breakup of their marriage was extraordinarily bitter and extremely public, with embarrassing revelations about Lerner at the divorce trial, particularly in regard to his addiction to amphetamines.

The concert adaptation used for this production mixed together elements of the original Broadway version of the show and the revised version that Lerner and Loewe put together for the tour, which became the basis of the licensed version. Dialogue from both versions was included, although some of it was moved to other scenes. The score was almost entirely the version performed in the original Broadway production (although one dance number was cut completely, and internal cuts were made in some of the other dance music), but the tour finale was used.

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