Copper and Brass

Original Broadway Production (1957)

Trivia & History

There was to have been an original cast album and Decca assigned the number Decca DL-9055 prior to cancelling.

In addition to planning the cast album, Decca acquired rights to eight of the songs in April 1957 and planned to record and release them prior to opening.

In December 1956, the New York Times announced that Robert Lewis would be directing the show and it would open on Broadway in May 1957. Lewis left the production to direct Hotel Paradiso with Bert Lahr.

Joan Blondell, who originally played Estelle O'Shea, withdrew from the show during the Philadelphia tryout. She said that she left because of changes that affected her portrayal.

Director Marc Daniels also resigned during the Philadelphia tryout, although retained program credit. Burt Shevelove was brought in to replace him.

Alan Bunce (who played the police captain) also announced his resignation after his part was rewritten, but was courted to stay.

Rehearsals began August 12, 1957.

In preparation for her role, star Nancy Walker spent two days at 400 Broome Street, the headquarters of the Policewomen's Division of the Police Department.

The October 30 performance was a benefit for the Riverdale Children's Association. The November 13 performance benefitted the Bethlehem Day Nursery. The November 22 performance was to have been a benefit to augment a scholarship fund for New York girls at Sweet Briar College, but the show closed 3 weeks earlier.

The show was to have closed on October 26 (its 12th performance), but the closing notice was withdrawn when business picked up. Producers anounced plans to make changes to the show.

A jazz combo was part of the cast, which included co-star Dick Williams (on clarinet).

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