Bet Your Life

Original London Production (1952)

Trivia & History

Starting June 12, 1952, the show was performance twice nightly in a revised (and presumably shorter) version.

The production was scheduled to open in London on February 10, 1952, but the death of King George VI on February 6 caused a postponement till February 18. The funeral was scheduled for February 15. Theatre openings came to a halt till after the funeral.

The program listed the titles of the musical numbers, but not the characters or performers who sang them.

While Erté and Clére were credited with the costumes, in the additional credits section after the list of musical numbers there were listed a bewildering number of other dress and costume designers and costume suppliers. Some were credited with the costumes, dresses or suits for individual perfomers, while others were listed as having provided costumes for individual scenes and, for example, the "Corsican and Carnival costumes," and "Ladies' modern dresses," raising the question of just how many of the production's costumes were designed by Erté and Clére.

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