National Tour (1969)

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Musical Numbers

  • Act One

  • Life Is .... Leader and the Company
  • The First Time .... Zorba
  • The Top of the Hill .... Leader, Alex and Loukas
  • No Boom Boom .... Hortense, Zorba, Nikos, The Admirals
  • Vive La Difference .... Leader, The Admirals and Dancers
  • The Butterfly .... Nikos, Leader, Widow, Alex and Loukas
  • Goodbye, Canavaro .... Hortense and Zorba
  • Belly Dance .... Irini
  • Grandpapa .... Zorba and Leader
  • Only Love .... Hortense
  • The Bend of the Road .... Leader, Alex and Loukas
  • Only Love (Reprise) .... Leader

  • Act Two

  • Bouzouki Soloist .... Dick Dio
  • Sousta .... Leader and Men
  • Bouboulina .... Zorba, Hortense, Leader and Chorus
  • That's a Beginning .... Widow, Nikos, Leader
  • Mine Celebration .... Zorba and Company
  • The Crow .... Leader and Women
  • Happy Birthday .... Hortense
  • I Am Free .... Zorba
  • Life Is (Reprise) .... Leader and the Company

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Trivia & History

Shortly before this tour opened, Harold Prince said in a New York Times (published on November 12, 1969) interview that he was planning for the production to open on Broadway after the tour. He felt that the original Broadway production had closed prematurely, thanks to illnesses plaguing the stars (Herschel Bernardi, Maria Karnilova and Lorraine Serabian), who were all going to be out for at least a month when it closed. Replacing them, he said, did not seem feasible, nor did running it with understudies.

This touring production, however, did not come to Broadway.

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