Four Short Operas

Original Off-Broadway Production (1991)

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Cast Highlights

Man 1 (Break) / Man in Dirty Dungarees (Eulogy for Mister Hamm) / Cabbie (Lucky Nurse)
Man 2 (Break) / Man (Eulogy for Mister Hamm) / Jerry (Lucky Nurse)
Mary (Break) / Woman (Agnes) / Woman (Eulogy for Mister Hamm) / Madge (Lucky Nurse)
Agnes (Agnes) / Girl (Eulogy for Mister Hamm) / Sherri (Lucky Nurse)

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Musical Numbers

There were no individual song titles.

Trivia & History

The sequence in which the short operas were performed was:

  • Break
  • Agnes
  • Eulogy for Mister Hamm
  • Lucky Nurse

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