Original Broadway Production (1970)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Howjadoo .... Georgy and Children
  • Make It Happen Now .... Georgy
  • Ol' Pease Puddin' .... Jos and Georgy
  • Just for the Ride .... Meredith and Men
  • So What? .... Georgy
  • Georgy .... James Leamington
  • A Baby - Howdjadoo Reprise .... Georgy, Jos and Meredith
  • That's How It Is .... Georgy and James Leamington
  • There's a Comin' Together .... Jos, Georgy and Chorus

Act Two

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  • Something Special .... Georgy and Jos
  • Half of Me .... Georgy
  • Gettin' Back to Me .... Meredith
  • Sweet Memory .... Ted, James Leamington and Chorus
  • Georgy (Reprise) .... James Leamington
  • Life's a Holiday .... Jos and Georgy
  • Make It Happen Now (Reprise) .... Georgy
  • There's a Comin' Together (Reprise) .... Company

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Trivia & History

Several sources, including two that should be trustworthy (Variety and Theatre World), reported seven Broadway previews for the production, but evidence from the New York Times strongly contradicts this and leads us to conclude that there were 15. 

Variety's own reporting was inconsistent, as the paper reported three previews during the first week of previews, three previews during the second week of previews, and four previews during the last week of previews, yet when the production closed, it listed that it had played seven previews. The error seems to have come from the paper accidentally reporting the same number of previews for the second that it had listed for the first week, but the daily Times listings and ads make it clear that it played a regular schedule of eight performances that week.

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