Norma Terris Theatre

Chester, CT

Performance History

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The Norma Terris Theatre is located in Chester, Connecticut, USA, and is part of the Goodspeed Musicals organization. It is named after Norma Terris, a philanthropist and supporter of the arts who played a significant role in the development of Goodspeed Musicals. The Norma Terris Theatre serves as a venue for the development and workshop productions of new musicals. It provides a space for emerging and established writers, composers, and performers to collaborate and refine their work before potential future productions. The theater's mission is to support the creation of new musicals and foster the growth of innovative and diverse voices in the musical theater industry. The Norma Terris Theatre is a smaller, more intimate venue compared to the Goodspeed Opera House. It offers a unique and immersive experience for audiences, allowing them to witness the evolution of new works and engage with the creative process. The theater is known for its commitment to showcasing fresh and exciting musicals that push the boundaries of the art form.}


Venue Info

Built: year not entered yet
Venue Status: year not entered yet
Demolished: year not entered yet
Seating Capacity: not entered yet

Location Info

North Main Street
Chester, CT

Other Names

  • Norma Terris Theatre (unknown)

Trivia & History

Goodspeed's developmental space.


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