Theatre Royal Sadler's Wells

London, England

Performance History

Venue Info

Built: 1927
Venue Status: year not entered yet
Demolished: year not entered yet
Seating Capacity: 1499

Location Info

Rosebery Avenue
London, England
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Other Names

  • Sadler's Wells (1683)
  • Theatre Royal Sadler's Wells (1927)
  • Miles's Musick House (1699)
  • Aquatic Theatre (1804)
  • Sadler's Wells (1806)
  • Sadler's Wells Theatre (date not entered yet)

Trivia & History

A wooden structure was built on the site in 1683 when Sadler discovered a medieval well. He enclosed it with a garden and stage and it became a popular pleasure garden. It became a theatre in 1753. A stone structure replaced the wooden structure in 1765.

A false fire alarm resulted in the death of 20 people in 1807. In 1878, it was declared a dangerous structure and was closed. It reopened in 1906 but closed that same year.

The stone structure was demolished and a new one was built in 1927. It boasted 1650 seats (later reduced to 1499). It closed in 1940 and reopened in 1945.


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