Adelphi Theatre

London, England

Performance History

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The Adelphi Theatre is a historic theater located on the Strand in the West End of London, England. It first opened its doors in 1806 and has since become one of the prominent theaters in London's theater district. Throughout its long history, the Adelphi Theatre has hosted a wide range of productions, including plays, musicals, operas, and ballets. It has been a venue for both original works and notable revivals, showcasing the talents of renowned performers, directors, and designers. The theater has undergone several renovations and refurbishments over the years, maintaining its classic architectural style while incorporating modern amenities and technology. The Adelphi Theatre is known for its grand auditorium, elegant décor, and excellent sightlines, ensuring a memorable theatrical experience for audiences. Notable productions that have graced the Adelphi Theatre stage include the musicals "Kinky Boots," "Waitress," and "Sweeney Todd." The theater continues to attract audiences with its diverse and captivating program of shows. The Adelphi Theatre's central location, close to Covent Garden and other popular London attractions, makes it easily accessible for theatergoers from all around the city and beyond.}


Venue Info

Built: 1806
Venue Status: year not entered yet
Demolished: year not entered yet
Seating Capacity: 1476

Location Info

(Charing Cross) Strand
London, England
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Other Names

  • Adelphi Theatre (unknown)
  • New Adelphi Theatre (1930)
  • Adelphi Theatre (1902)
  • Century Theatre (1901)
  • Theatre Royal New Adelphi (1863-1867)
  • Theatre Royal (1858)
  • Theatre Royal Adelphi (1830-1848)
  • Adelphi Theatre (1818)
  • Sans Pareil (1806)

Trivia & History

Built above a dairy, it opened in 1806. It was rebuilt in 1901.

In 1968, a redevelopment of Covent Garden was proposed by the Greater London Council. Under threat of demolition were five theaters: the Garrick, Vaudeville, Adelphi, Lyceum and Duchess theatres. A campaign called Save London Theatres was launched by theatre owners, the Musicians' Union and Equity. The campaign was successful and the redevelopment was shelved.

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