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George Abbott Theatre

New York, NY

Venue Info

Built: 1928
Closed: year not entered yet
Demolished: 1970
Seating Capacity: 1400

Location Info

152 W. 54th St.
New York, NY
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Other Names

  • 54th Street Theatre (1958)
  • Craig Theatre (1928)
  • George Abbott Theatre (1965)
  • Adelphi Theatre (1934)
  • Radiant Center (1940)
  • Adelphi Theatre (1944)

Trivia & History

In 1931, the theatre closed and reopened in 1934 as the Adelphi.

DuMont Television Network signed a lease in 1949 and shot The Honeymooners there. Returned to legitimate use in 1958 was demolished after being bought by the New York Hilton for its tower addition.

Torn down by the Hiltons around 1970 (following the closing of Gantry) for a hotel expansion.


Performance History

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