She Had to Say Yes

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Press agent "Candy" Barr cons socialite Mrs. Matilda Townsend into promoting her beautiful daughter, Joyce. "Candy" launches an extensive radio campaign for Joyce in which he substitutes "hobby" for "hubby." Winners are selected to become Joyce's future husband: an Army Private, an Indian Chief, a Plumber, a Gangster, and a dedicated bum, Duke. Joyce falls in love with the disreputable Duke who is reluctant to accept her wealth and lifeĆ¢??style, but Joyce tricks Duke into marriage.

Trivia & History

In February 1941, a month after the closing, Guy Bolton and Fred Thompson finished a new script for the show and submitted it to the producers of the original production. Another version written by George Marion, Jr. and Thomson was submitted in April of that year.

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Alternate Titles

  • Dreams Come True (revision)

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