From A Jack To A King

A Musical Macbeth



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Source Material

Based on the play Macbeth.


The tale charts the blood-stained wade to rock stardom of Eric Glamis. He clambers over the corpses of rivals, but becomes terrified of their ghosts and meets his murky end when enemies approach bearing brtnaches torn from the woods of Soho.

We meet him first as he wanders weimpishly through the deadend streets of London W!. Eric is chosen by three witchlike creaters - a backing group - as a candidate for fame. Renamed Thane Cawdor, he proves a sensation on drums, and even more so on guitar. He interferes with is rival's bike and reaches the top - from which nemesis tips him off.

The show features popular music of the '60s and includes such numbers as "Leader of the Pack", "Tell Laura I Love Her" and "Shakin' All Over".

A fun night based on Macbeth and outrageously ripping off the Bard’s best bits and giving a thrilling mix of rock ‘n’ roll and Shakespeare.

Synopsis taken from The Guide to Musical Theatre

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Alternate Titles

  • Macbeth (source material)

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