Trial by Jury

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Studio Cast (1958)
George Baker, Elsie Morison, Richard Lewis, John Cameron (ii), Owen Brannigan

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A jilted bride sues for breach of promise of marriage: the Defendant has found a new love. The judge and jury are much taken with the Plaintiff, while the ladies in the Public Gallery seem enamored of the Defendant. The Defendant claims that any damages must be small since he is such a "very bad lot" that the Plaintiff couldn't endure him for even a day! He offers to "marry this lady today and marry the other tomorrow." The judge ponders this nice dilemma and makes an imaginative ruling to settle the case happily.

Trivia & History

Originally commissioned by Richard D'Oyly Carte as an afterpiece to Jacques Offenbach's opéra bouffe La Perichole (1868).

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