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Genre: Musical Comedy


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Set in a depression soup kitchen in New York City, Romance in Hard Times tells the story of Hennie, who has recently learned she is pregnant; Harvey, her husband who refuses to speak because he cannot provide for his wife; and Boris, a determined loser who loves Hennie. Through a series of disappointments and tragedies (though told with lots of humor included), Hennie decides that the world is not an acceptable place to bring her baby into, and therefore, holds her baby back, for many months past the normal term. With other characters such as Zoe, Polly, the Handcuffed Sisters, Gus, The Kid, and even Eleanor Roosevelt helping out, Hennie tries to find something that will make everything right again, so she can bring her baby into the world.

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Previously done as AMERICA KICKS UP ITS HEELS (q.v.).

The used song list represents what we believe was the song lineup after final revisions at the Public/Newman.

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