The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny

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Studio Cast Recordings

Recordings listed here were done in the studio specifically to release as recordings. They do not represent cast recordings of a particular production.

Studio Cast (1956)
Lotte Lenya, Gisela Litz, Heinz Sauerbaum, Horst Günter, Georg Mund
Studio Cast (1988)
Anja Silja, Wolfgang Neumann, Anny Schlemm, Thomas Lehrberger, Klaus Hirte

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Trivia & History

It wasn't until 1933 that Brecht finalized the names of several character. For example, in the premiere at Leipzig, the protagonist's name was Johann Ackermann, but it seems that in some other early production it may have Paul (or Paule) Ackermann, In later productions, his name was changed to Jimmy Mahoney. Some German-language productions have restored the character name to Paul Ackermann.

The character who would later be called Fatty the Bookeeper (or Fatty, der 'Prokurist') was known as Willy, der 'Prokurist' at the Leipzig premiere and some of the other early productions.

In the original Leipzig production, several characters had different names than we know from later versions, as you can see on the cast list for the production.

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Alternate Titles

  • Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny (German title)
  • Mahagonny (alt. title)

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