110 in the Shade

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Studio Cast Recordings

Recordings listed here were done in the studio specifically to release as recordings. They do not represent cast recordings of a particular production.

Studio Cast (1997)
Richard Muenz, George Lee Andrews, Walter Charles, Sam Samuelson, Karen Ziemba

Demos & Pre-Production Recordings

Source Material

Based on the play The Rainmaker by N. Richard Nash


Lizzie, a plain-looking girl had left town hoping to find a husband but she has failed.  Her menfolk decide to try another plan; they'll invite Sheriff File, the town's most eligible bachelor, to the annual picnic. The men try to lure the sheriff to the picnic but he refuses. Lizzie, expecting File, joins in the picnic preparations but she becomes angry and hurt when she learns he is not coming. Out of nowhere,a stranger, the Fabulous Starbuck suddenly appears, announcing that he's a Rainmaker and for the modest fee of $100 he will end the drought and cause the rain to fall.

Lizzie sees through the fraud and calls Starbuck a fake. He in turn tells her that she is not really a woman. Suddenly, File arrives at the picnic. He confesses to Lizzie that he is not a widower, as he has been saying, but a divorced man. He tells her in song of the heartbreak that can come to a man and a woman.  Lizzie answers by singing of the bright side of marriage, but File is unconvinced. Lizzie calls him a fool, and is immediately sorry--but it's too late. File--and her last chance--is gone.  Lizzie runs off and tries to reconcile herself to being an old maid.

Lizzie goes to Starbuck's wagon. He tries to persuade her to adopt a marvellous name and a dream to go with it. No, she explains, her dreams are all of simple little things. Starbuck tries to convince her that she is pretty: someday she'll see it in the eyes of the man who loves her. Starbuck kisses her and suddenly Lizzie realises that she is being wooed by two attractive men.

Meanwhile Starbuck confesses to Lizzie that he is a con man and a fake--he has never made rain in his life. But, just when he has decided to stay with Lizzie and try living in the real world, File appears with a warrant for Starbuck's arrest. But File is persuaded by all to let Starbuck get away. Starbuck begs Lizzie to flee with him. File, realising, at last, that he loves her, asks her to stay with him. Lizzie decides to stay with File. Suddenly, miracle of miracles, the rains come. The long drought is over.

(adapted from The Guide to Musical Theatre.)


Trivia & History

There were 114 songs written for this show before rehearsals and four additional written out-of-town. Cut songs listed are those for which recordings have been traced. A complete list of the cut songs was not available.

Alternate Titles

  • One Hundred & Ten in the Shade (Title as it appeared in newspaper ABC listings for original production)
  • Rainbow (working title)
  • The Rainmaker (source material)

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