On the Twentieth Century

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Source Material

Based on the play Twentieth Century by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, which was based on the unproduced play Napoleon of Broadway by Charles Bruce Milholland.


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Trivia & History

The title "Saddle Up the Horse" was used in preview programs but then removed even though the song was not cut. As it is performed as an intro to the song "On the Twentieth Century," it may have been decided not to list it with a separate title.

"Lily Garland" was performed in three places in Boston, with variations. The first and third ones were dropped and the second one was retained, although it was not listed in the playbill. 

The original version of "Five Zeros" contains a long middle section, "Dear John Ringling", as well as the opening and closing which became the version of "Five Zeros" finally used. The "Dear John Ringling" section may never have been performed in front of an audience.

Alternate Titles

  • On the 20th Century (alternate title)
  • The Twentieth Century Ltd. (Title in some early announcements of the show)

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