Oh What a Lovely War

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Source Material

Based on a treatment by Ted Allan which was based on The Donkeys by Alan Clark, with some scenes adapted from The Good Soldier Švejk by Czech humorist Jaroslav Hašek


The horrors of World War I are depicted through period songs and words borrowed from official records, war memoirs, and personal recollections.

Trivia & History

The material in the show is based on World War I factual data found in official records, memoirs and commentaries including those of the Imperial War Museum, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Gen. Erich Ludendorff, Field Marshal Graf von Schlieffen, Marshal Joffre, Field Marshal Earl Haig, Field Marshal Sir John French, Gen. Sir Henry Wilson, Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George, Philip Noel-Baker, Alan Clark, Engelbracht and Hanighen, Siegfried Sassoon, Sir Philip Gibbs, Edmund Blunden, Leon Wolff, Captain Liddell Hart, Barbara Tuchman, Herman Kahn, the London newspapers Times and Daily Express.

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Alternate Titles

  • Oh! What a Lovely War (Film title)
  • Oh, What a Lovely War (Title on first issue of original London cast recording)

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