No, No, Nanette

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Studio Cast Recordings

Recordings listed here were done in the studio specifically to release as recordings. They do not represent cast recordings of a particular production.

Studio Cast (1958)
Doreen Hume, Bruce Trent, Mike Sammes Singers
Studio Cast (1959)
Pip Hinton, Peter Mander
Studio Cast (1961)
David Croft, June Marlow, Peter Regan, Stephanie Voss, Peter Knight Singers
Studio Cast (1965)
Jeanette Scovotti, John Hauxvell, William Lewis, Bryan Johnson (i)
Studio Cast (1968)
Margaret Burton, John Dane, Henrietta Holmes, Barry Monroe, John Parker (i)
Studio Cast (1969)
Tony Adams (i), Ann Beach, Joanne Brown, Alison Chamberlain, Leslie Fyson

Demos & Pre-Production Recordings

  • No demos listed.

Source Material

Based on the play His Lady Friends by Frank Mandel and Emil Nyitray


Even though Jimmy Smith has become a millionaire due to his bible publishing business, his wife Sue remains frugal and has little desire for money. Her main concern is raising their adopted daughter, Nanette, into a respectable lady. Nevertheless, Jimmy doesn't know what to do with all his money so he decides to become the beneficiary for three beautiful women. After a while, Jimmy realizes that he is bound to get himself in trouble. He enlists the help of his lawyer friend, Billy, to try and get rid of the three women. When Sue and Billy's wife, Lucille, discover this fact, they assume that Billy and Jimmy are having affairs with these women. Meanwhile, young Nanette, who has an untapped wild side, is being pursued by a suitor, Tom Trainor. Eventually, Billy and Jimmy explain the situation and are forgiven by their wives. Likewise, Nanette and Tom sort out their difficulties and decide to be married.

Trivia & History

Much of the score and some character names were recycled for the 1950 film Tea for Two starring Doris Day and Gordon MacRae. It used songs and characters but the plot was entirely different. Because of this, the film is not included on this site.

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Alternate Titles

  • His Lady Friends (source material)

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