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The verses of Ogden Nash set to music. No individual song titles given.

Billed as 'A Wordsical' the program states that NASH AT NINE has been structured from the following works of Ogden Nash:

Seaside Serenade/Farenheit Gesundheit/The Sniffle/Coefficients of Expansion (A Guide to the Infant Season)/To a Small Boy Standing on My Shoes While I Am Wearing Them/The Madcap Zoologist/The Panther/The Armadillo/The Canary/The Shrew/Experiment Degustatory/The Pig/A Bulletin Has Just Come In/The Fly/The Octopus/The Eel/The Kipper/The Clam/The Guppy/Barmaids Are Diviner Than Mermaids/But I Could Not Love Thee, Ann, So Much, Loved I Not Honor? More/The Armchair Golfer, or, Whimpers of a Shortchanged Viewer/Song of the Open Road/From an Antique Land/Any Millenniums Today, Lady?/Give-Away, Give-Away, Banker Man/I Will Arise and Go Now/Always Marry an April Girl/The Anniversary/Love Under the Republicans (or Democrats)/A Word to Husbands/I'm Sure She Said Six-Thirty/To My Valentine/Reflections on Ice-Breaking/I Do, I Will, I Have/The Private Dining Room/One Third of a Calendar/Tin Wedding Whistle/What's In a Name? Here's What's In a Name, or, I Wonder What Became of John and Mary?/No Trouble At All, It's as Easy as Falling Off a Portable Bar/Grandpa Is Ashamed/A Brief Guide to New York/Requiem/The Pizza/All Quiet Along the Potomac, Except the Letter G/Shrinking Song/Suppose I Darken Your Door/You and Me and P. B. Shelley/Come, Come Kerouac! My Generation Is Beater Than Yours/The Clean Platter/Coffee With the Meal/The Middle/The Return/Peekaboo, I Almost See You/Modest Meditations on The Here, The Heretofore, and the Hereafter/Birthday on the Beach/A Lady Thinks She Is Thirty/Crossing the Border/For A Good Dog.

A workshop version was presented in 1971 using somewhat different Ogden Nash material under the title PROGRESS MAY HAVE BEEN ALL RIGHT ONCE - BUT IT WENT ON TOO LONG.

Alternate Titles

  • Nash at Nine (no note)

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