A Little Night Music


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Studio Cast Recordings

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Studio Cast (1990)
Eric Flynn, Janis Kelly, Bonaventura Bottone, Megan Kelly, Siân Phillips

Demos & Pre-Production Recordings

Source Material

Suggested by the 1955 Ingmar Bergman film Smiles of a Summer Night


From the Music Theatre International website:

Set in 1900 Sweden, A Little Night Music explores the tangled web of affairs centered around actress Desirée Armfeldt and the men who love her: a lawyer by the name of Fredrik Egerman and the Count Carl-Magnus Malcom. When the traveling actress performs in Fredrik's town, the estranged lovers' passion rekindles. This strikes a flurry of jealousy and suspicion between Desirée, Fredrik, Fredrick's wife, Anne, Desirée's current lover, the Count, and the Count's wife, Charlotte. Both men -- as well as their jealous wives -- agree to join Desirée and her family for a weekend in the country at Desirée's mother's estate. With everyone in one place, infinite possibilities of new romances and second chances bring endless surprises.

Trivia & History

At the beginning of the pre-Broadway Boston run, a song titled "Thoughts on the Terrace" was listed in the playbill, but no song by that title was ever in the show. It was a provisional title for a song for Fredrik, which would eventually become "It Would Have Been Wonderful," but it wasn't ready in time for the first performances in Boston.

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Alternate Titles

  • Smiles of a Summer Night (source material)

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