Guys and Dolls


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Studio Cast Recordings

Recordings listed here were done in the studio specifically to release as recordings. They do not represent cast recordings of a particular production.

Studio Cast (1960)
Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Jo Stafford, McGuire Sisters
Studio Cast (1960)
performers unknown

Demos & Pre-Production Recordings

Source Material

Very freely adapted from the story "The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown" by Damon Runyon, with characters, situations and character names from other Runyon stories also added. Two other stories that seem to have provided some inspiration were "Pick the Winner" and "Blood Pressure," although neither can be said to have to have provided more than an idea or two for character names and/or situations.


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Trivia & History

In a 1959 radio interview, Frank Loesser recalled that he got involved when producers (and personal friends) Cy Feuer and Ernest Martin called him. All he had to do was to hear Feuer's voice and the word "Runyon" on the phone and he agreed to a meeting.

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Alternate Titles

  • The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown (source material)

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