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The Game Is Up


Original Authors

Sketches, Music & Lyrics

Later Contributors

There are no known writers who contributed to revisions, etc. following the original production.
Genre: Cabaret Revue


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Trivia & History

Total run of 656 performances for three NY editions..

'Beth', 'What's in a Name', 'Job Interview', 'Tokyo, Mon Amour', 'Love's Labour Lost', 'I'm the Girl', 'Speed Typists', 'Hello, Columbus', and the added songs were not used in the second edition. For the third edition, numbers retained from the first and second editions were as follows: 'The Game Is Up', 'Sunday Television', 'Eye on New York', '76 Foolish Things', 'Tinsel', 'Keep 'Em Flying', 'Doris', 'The Great Society Waltz' and 'American Express--Italian Style'.

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