Die Fledermaus

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  • Original score

    • Lady Mine, I Wait for Thee
      • a.k.a. Do You Still Belong to Me?
      • a.k.a. Love, No Longer Fly from Me
      • a.k.a. No. 1
      • a.k.a. Serenade
      • a.k.a. Turtle Dove
      • a.k.a. Turtle Dove Who Flew Aloft
    • Letter Song
      • a.k.a. Here's a Letter From My Sister
      • a.k.a. It's a Letter from My Sister on the Stage
      • a.k.a. No. 2
      • a.k.a. This is from My Sister Sally
      • a.k.a. Well I Never!
    • Oh! What a Tale of Woe!
      • a.k.a. I'm Sorry for Your Aunt
      • a.k.a. No More! Do As I Tell
      • a.k.a. No. 3
      • a.k.a. You Can't Go to Your Aunt
    • To Have Done with Legislation
      • a.k.a. Legal Tangle
      • a.k.a. Let Me Tell You, You're No Bargain
      • a.k.a. No. 4
      • a.k.a. When These Lawyers Don't Deliver
      • a.k.a. When Your Advocate's a Ninny
    • Ere to Prison Broken Hearted
      • a.k.a. Come Along to the Ball
      • a.k.a. I'll Be at the Ball Tonight
      • a.k.a. I've a Plan for a Man
      • a.k.a. It's the Talk of the Town
      • a.k.a. Jail Can Wait
      • a.k.a. No. 5
      • a.k.a. When the Band Begins to Play
    • Then I, Who Love You
      • a.k.a. Ah, Woe is Me
      • a.k.a. And Must I Live Eight Long Days
      • a.k.a. No. 6
      • a.k.a. The Graying Sea, the Leaden Sky
      • a.k.a. To Part is Such Sweet Sorrow
      • a.k.a. When You're Away
    • Pledge Me Gaily, Lady Mine
      • a.k.a. Drain a Draught of Wine with Me
      • a.k.a. Drink My Darling, Drink to Me
      • a.k.a. Drown the Truth in Wine
      • a.k.a. No. 7
      • a.k.a. Oh My Pet, Don't Regret
      • a.k.a. What a Lovely Rendezvous
      • a.k.a. You Alone
    • I Wonder What You Think of Me
      • a.k.a. A Lady's Name
      • a.k.a. And Now, If You've Had Your Fill of Wine
      • a.k.a. Good Sir, Are You Accusing Me?
      • a.k.a. Married Life
      • a.k.a. No. 7
      • a.k.a. The Scene You See
    • No, No, My Fears Are Put to Rest
      • a.k.a. Ah! Woe is Me
      • a.k.a. Enough, No More
      • a.k.a. I Do Not Regret My Attitude
      • a.k.a. No, No, You Set My Doubts at Rest
      • a.k.a. No. 7
      • a.k.a. O, Come with Me
    • What a Dream of Delight
      • a.k.a. No. 8
      • a.k.a. What a Feast! What a Spread!
      • a.k.a. What a Joy to Be Here
      • a.k.a. You Will Find If You Mind
    • The Hours Fly By
      • a.k.a. It's Those Bon Mots
      • a.k.a. No. 8
      • a.k.a. The Golden Moments Swiftly Pass
      • a.k.a. The Hours of Leisure Swiftly Fly
    • Grandmama
      • a.k.a. Chacun a Son Gout
      • a.k.a. From Time to Time I Entertain
      • a.k.a. I've Many Peculiarities
      • a.k.a. No. 9
    • O Come, My Love, and Dance with Me
      • a.k.a. Ballet
      • a.k.a. Come On, My Darling, Dance with Me
      • a.k.a. Marenka, Join the Jubilee
      • a.k.a. No. 10
      • a.k.a. The Girl with the Yellow Hair
    • This Really is Amusing
      • a.k.a. How Absolutely Splendid
      • a.k.a. Laughing Song
      • a.k.a. Look Me Over Once
      • a.k.a. My Dear Marquis
      • a.k.a. My Friends, Your Kind Attention
      • a.k.a. No. 11
      • a.k.a. Well I Never!
    • How Seductive! How Appealing!
      • a.k.a. How Engaging How Exciting
      • a.k.a. How He Prances and Romances
      • a.k.a. No. 12
      • a.k.a. The Watch
      • a.k.a. Watch Duet
      • a.k.a. What a Beauty! What a Charmer!
      • a.k.a. What a Tonic! What a Beauty!
    • Homeland
      • a.k.a. Czardas
      • a.k.a. Music of Childhood
      • a.k.a. No. 13
      • a.k.a. Some Days You're Lonely
      • a.k.a. Voice of My Homeland
    • There's Joy in the Grape Abiding
      • a.k.a. A Bacchanalian Revel
      • a.k.a. Champagne's Delicious Bubbles
      • a.k.a. No. 14
      • a.k.a. The Glint of Champagne Glasses
    • King Champagne
      • a.k.a. Champagne, the Great Monarch
      • a.k.a. No. 14
      • a.k.a. Then Up with the Wine
    • Darling Do
      • a.k.a. Brother Dear, Sister Dear
      • a.k.a. Brother Mine, Sister Mine
      • a.k.a. No. 14
      • a.k.a. Oh the Delight of a Night with You
      • a.k.a. Sing to Love
      • a.k.a. Sir Chevalier, votre santé â?¦ Brother dear
      • a.k.a. You and I
    • Oh What a Night
      • a.k.a. Ah, Happy Day
      • a.k.a. Ah, What a Feast
      • a.k.a. Happy Days
      • a.k.a. No. 14
    • I Love a Lady Fair
      • a.k.a. Just That You Are You
      • a.k.a. No. 15
    • If You Will Kindly Permit Me
      • a.k.a. Audition Song
      • a.k.a. Ever Since I Was a Baby
      • a.k.a. I Am Portraying a Farm Girl
      • a.k.a. No. 16
      • a.k.a. P's and Q's
      • a.k.a. Picture a Coy Village Maiden
    • Entrance of Rosalinda
      • a.k.a. No. 17
    • Entrance of Mattoni
      • a.k.a. Entrance of Frank
      • a.k.a. No. 17
    • Waltz
      • a.k.a. No. 17a
    • I Feel Suffocating
      • a.k.a. I Have a Suspicion
      • a.k.a. Last Night I Had Adventures
      • a.k.a. No. 18
      • a.k.a. The Case That You Take Up
      • a.k.a. To Judge His Expression
      • a.k.a. You Call Me an Improper Noun
    • Revenge is Sweet
      • a.k.a. Faithless One
      • a.k.a. No. 18
      • a.k.a. Now I Sweep to My Revenge
      • a.k.a. She'll Murder You
      • a.k.a. Vengeance, Come Resign
    • She Nevermore Will Have to Spend Her Nights in Icy
      • a.k.a. Die Fledermaus
      • a.k.a. Forgive Him and Forget
      • a.k.a. No. 19
      • a.k.a. Oh Eisenstein, Oh Eisenstein
      • a.k.a. Oh, Eisenstein, You Mastermind

  • Added to Unger/Anderson version

Studio Cast Recordings

Recordings listed here were done in the studio specifically to release as recordings. They do not represent cast recordings of a particular production.

Studio Cast (1962)
Lee Cass, William Chapman (ii), Rosalind Elias, William Lewis, Anna Moffo
Studio Cast (1963)
Sergio Franchi, John Hauxvell, Richard Lewis, George London, Anna Moffo
Studio Cast (9999)
Victor Light Opera Company

Demos & Pre-Production Recordings

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Source Material

Based on the comedy Le Réveillon by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy


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Trivia & History

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Alternate Titles

  • Champagne, Sec (revival title)
  • Fledermaus (revival title)
  • Gay Rosalinda (revival title)
  • The Merry Countess (Broadway title)
  • Night Birds (no note)
  • Nightbirds (London title)
  • Oh... Rosalinda!! (film version)
  • Rosalinda (revival title)
  • A Wonderful Night (revival title)

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