A Connecticut Yankee

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Studio Cast (1952)
Earl Wrightson, Elaine Malbin, Guild Choristers

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Original Version: On the eve of his marriage to Fay Morgan, Martin is visited by Alice, his former fiancée. When Fay discovers them together, she knocks Martin out with a champagne bottle. He dreams that he is back in the days of King Arthur, where he becomes a great favorite at court, falls in love with the Demoiselle Alisande, and is soon put in charge of industrializing the country. The king's evil sister, the Queen Morgan Le Fay, has Alisande kidnapped, but Martin rescues her just as he is awakening from his dream. The real-life hero then realizes it is Alice whom he really loves.

1943 Revision: Basically, the same as the original except that the non-dream sequences were updated and the part of Morgan Le Fay was enlarged.

(Source: The Rodgers and Hammerstein Fact Book, edited by Stanley Green.)

Trivia & History

Revivals have proven difficult because of the lack of available materials. The 1927 version seems to have been lost with only fragments surviving. The only script for the 1943 Broadway revival version that has been located is an early rehearsal script. Therefore, most revivals are either based on the 1943 script or hybrids of the 1927 and 1943 scripts.

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Alternate Titles

  • A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur (London title)

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