Children of Eden

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Old Testament stories are told beginning with the Creation, Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel, and Noah and the Ark.

Trivia & History

The show was originally written as a short musical for Youth Sing Praise, a religious based theatre camp for high school students, in 1986.  Schwartz was later approached by John Caird and the Royal Shakespeare Company to develop the show further into a full-length musical.  Schwartz went to London to work on the show but while they were developing it and prepping it for a workshop, Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher decided to cut funding from the RSC's budget, which put all developmental productions on hold.  Subsequently they decided to just open the show cold in the West End.  Later, Schwartz would admit that it was a bad move and more like they were putting a first draft up in front of audiences.

Alternate Titles

  • Family Tree (original title)

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