The Carefree Heart

Source Material

Based on Moliére plays The Doctor in Spite of Himself (Le Médecin malgré lui) and A Doctor's Love (L'Amour médecin).


The adventures of Sganarelle, a wood chopper who becomes a doctor in spite of himself when his wife, Martina, fantasticates the story that he is really a gifted physician who will not admit to his profession unless beaten with staves. Sganarelle is engaged by Geronte, a wealthy landowner, to cure his daugther, Lucinda, or her inabilty to speak. Lucinda has faigned dumbness only in order to avoid marrying a fop named Horace whom her father favors when her heart really belongs to an impetuous lad named Leander.

Trivia & History

No trivia or history.

Alternate Titles

  • The Doctor in Spite of Himself (working title)
  • The Love Doctor (London title)
  • Speak, Lucinda! (working title)

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