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Based on the 1759 satirical novel Candide by Voltaire


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During the summer of 1976, there was a report in the Chicago Tribune (and perhaps some other newspapers) that Allan Carr and Robert Stigwood were planning to make a film version of Candide. The projected budget was $12 million. The film was to star Peter Sellers as Voltaire, Pangloss and several other roles (as in the 1973 version of the show), and Elton John as Candide. Olivia Newton-John was to be screen-tested for the role of Cunegonde.

The same news item mentioned that Carr was planning a film version of Grease with a cast that would include Lily Tomlin, Paul Lynde and "hopefully" John Travolta. Newton-John was not mentioned as being under consideration for the Grease film.

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