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The origins of Blossom Time date to Jan. 15, 1916 with the Vienna production of Das Dreimäderlhaus, its Schubert tunes arranged by Heinrich Berte. Das Dreimäderlhaus has had three English language interpretations. The first was Blossom Time (1921), with new musical arrangements by Sigmund Romberg and a revised book. The second version was the London Lilac Time (1922), with musical arrangements and book which were closer to the original. The third, less successful, version was a London musical also titled Blossom Time (1942) and, again, with new arrangements and a new book.

Blossom Time has received productions in over 60 countries and was translated into numerous languages. By 1961, the piece was estimated to have played over 85,000 performances worldwide.  It still receives occasional productions.

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