Babes in Arms

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Studio Cast Recordings

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Original/Studio Cast (1937)
Wynn Murray, Ray Heatherton, Edgar Fairchild, Adam Carroll, Teddy Lynch
Studio Cast (1951)
Mardi Bayne, Jack Cassidy
Studio Cast (1953)
Lisa Kirk, William Tabbert, Sheila Bond
Studio Cast (1958)
The Four Lads
Studio Cast (9999)
Artie Wayne

Demos & Pre-Production Recordings

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Trivia & History

The original version of Babes in Arms had strong political overtones with discussions of Nietzsche, a Communist character and two African-American youths who are victims of racism. In 1959 George Oppenheimer created a "sanitized, de-politicized rewrite" which is now the most frequently performed version.  In the new version, the young people are trying to save a local summer stock theatre from being demolished, not trying to avoid being sent to a work farm. The sequence of the songs is drastically changed, the orchestrations changed, and the dance numbers eliminated.

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