The New Moon

Encores! Cast (2004)

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    • Overture .... The Orchestra
    • Opening .... Ensemble
    • Marianne .... Robert, Alexander, Marianne, Ensemble
    • Marianne's Entrance .... Marianne, Ensemble
    • The Girl on the Prow .... Marianne, Besac, Ensemble
    • Gorgeous Alexander .... Julie, Alexander, Women
    • An Interrupted Love Song .... Duval, Marianne, [Robert]
    • Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise .... Philippe, Men
    • Stouthearted Men .... Robert, Philippe, Men
    • One Kiss .... Marianne, Women
    • The Trial (Ladies of the Jury) .... Clotilde, Alexander, Julie, Women
    • Finaletto
    • Wanting You .... Robert, Marianne, Ensemble
    • Finale Act I .... Robert, Marianne, Ensemble
    • Intermezzo .... The Orchestra
    • Funny Little Sailor Men .... Besac, Clotilde, Ensemble
    • Lover, Come Back to Me .... Marianne, Robert
    • Stouthearted Men (Reprise) .... Robert, Philippe, Ensemble
    • Marriage Number
    • Try Her Out at Dances .... Alexander, Julie, Ensemble
    • Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise (Reprise)
    • Never for You .... Marianne, Robert, Philippe
    • Lover, Come Back to Me (Reprise) .... Robert, Men
    • Finale Ultimo .... Marianne, Robert, Ensemble

Trivia & History

Although the Encores! performances were in March 2003, the recording was not made until July 2004. Several chorus members from the Encores! performances were not on the recording, and they were replaced by several new singers, but all the Encores! principals (and most of the chorus) are on the recording.

Lauren Ward was not at the recording sessions, but overdubbed her vocals several weeks later.

While the recording is by far the most comprehensive recording of the score that has been made, at least one relatively minor numbers was not in the Encores! production (and was not added for the recording) and a few musical sections that were performed at Encores! are not on the recording, which runs 60 minutes. 

"The New Cotillion Dance" is not listed in the track list for the recording, but part of it is included in the track listed as "Finaletto/Wanting You."

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