More Than You Deserve

Original Off-Brodway Cast (1974)

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    • Give Me the Simple Life .... Larry Marshall, Meat Loaf, Kim Milford, Company
    • Could She Be the One? .... Fred Gwynne, Kimberly Farr
    • Where Did It Go? .... Seth Allen
    • Come With Me . . . We Know Love .... Leata Galloway, Allen
    • Mama You Better Watch Out for Your Daughter .... Milford, Marshall, Miss Farr
    • O, What a War! .... Gwynne, Ronald Silver, Graham Jarvis, Edward Zang
    • More Than You Deserve .... Meat Loaf, Company
    • Song of the City of Hope .... Miss Galloway, Milford, Gwynne, Miss Far
    • To Feel So Needed .... Misses Galloway, Farr
    • Go, Go, Go Guerillas .... Marshall, Allen, Silver
    • What Became of the People We Were? .... Miss Farr, Terry Kiser
    • If Only .... Gwynne, Miss Farr
    • Midnight Lullabye .... Miss Galloway
    • Song of the Golden Egg .... Milford, Company
    • Finale .... Company

Trivia & History

A digitalized copy of the recording resides in the New York Public Library's Billy Rose Theatre Collection at the Library of the Performing Arts (Lincoln Center). It may be heard there, but access may be restricrted, and advance notification and permission may be required.

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