The Fantasticks

London Revival Cast (Previews) (2010)



No staff listed.


Luisa [The Girl]
Matt [The Boy]
El Gallo [The Narrator]
Bellomy [The Girl's Father]
Hucklebee [The Boy's Father]
Henry [The Old Actor]
The Mute
Mortimer [The Man Who Dies]

Track List

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    • Overture
    • Try to Remember
    • Much More
    • Metaphor
    • Never Say No
    • It Depends on What You Pay
    • You Wonder How These Things Begin
    • Soon It's Gonna Rain
    • Rape Ballet
    • Happy Ending
    • This Plum Is Too Ripe
    • I Can See It
    • Plant a Radish
    • Round and Round
    • There Is a Curious Paradox
    • They Were You
    • Try to Remember (reprise)

Trivia & History

There is debate about if it is Ross Aldred or Luke Brady as Matt.

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