Call Me Madam

Encores! Cast (1995)





Mrs. Sally Adams
Mr. Gibson
Congressman Wilkins
Kenneth Gibson
Senator Brockbank
Senator Gallagher
Cosmo Constantine
Pemberton Maxwell
Sebastian Sabastian
Princess Maria
Grand Duchess Sophie
Grand Duke Otto

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    • Overture .... The Coffee Club Orchestra
    • Mrs. Sally Adams .... Company
    • The Hostess with the Mostes' on the Ball .... Sally
    • The Hostess with the Mostes' on the Ball (Encore) .... Sally
    • Washington Square Dance .... Sally and Men
    • Lichtenburg .... Cosmo and Ensemble
    • Can You Use Any Money Today? .... Sally
    • Marrying for Love .... Sally and Cosmo
    • The Ocarina .... Princess Maria, Sebastian Sebastian and Ensemble (Ocarinas: John Campo and Harvey Estrin)
    • It's a Lovely Day Today .... Kenneth and Princess Maria
    • The Best Thing for You .... Sally and Cosmo
    • Entr'acte .... The Coffee Club Orchestra
    • Something to Dance About .... Sally and Ensemble
    • Once Upon a Time Today .... Kenneth
    • They Like Ike .... Brockbank, Wilkins and Gallagher
    • It's a Lovely Day Today (Reprise) .... Ensemble
    • You're Just in Love .... Kenneth and Sally
    • Mrs. Sally Adams (Reprise) .... Company
    • You're Just in Love (Finale) .... Sally, Cosmo and Company

Trivia & History

The booklet accompanying the CD lists the complete cast from the Encores! performances, but asterisked footnotes explain that three members of the Singing Ensemble who are listed are not on the recording. The replacements for those people listed in smaller typeface underneath the Encores! cast list.

A footnote also explains that the Dancers listed are non-singing roles (and therefore, presumably, those performers are not on the recording). Accordingly, we have not listed them on this page.

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