Broadway Replacement Cast w. s/b Elphaba & u/s Boq (2005)



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Elphaba [Finale Only]
The Wizard
Madame Morrible
Doctor Dillamond

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    • No One Mourns the Wicked .... Glinda and Citizens of Oz
    • Dear Old Shiz .... Students
    • The Wizard and I .... Madame Morrible and Elphaba
    • What is This Feeling? .... Glinda, Elphaba and Students
    • Something Bad .... Dr. Dillamond and Elphaba
    • Dancing Through Life .... Fiyero, Galinda, Boq, Nessarose, Elphaba and Students
    • Popular .... Galinda
    • I'm Not That Girl .... Elphaba
    • One Short Day .... Elphaba, Galinda and Denizens of the Emerald City
    • A Sentimental Man .... The Wizard of Oz
    • Defying Gravity .... Elphaba, Glinda, Guards and Citizens of Oz
    • No One Mourns the Wicked (Reprise) .... Citizens of Oz
    • Thank Goodness .... Glinda, Morrible and Citizens of Oz
    • The Wicked Witch of the East .... Nessarose, Elphaba and Boq
    • Wonderful .... The Wizard of Oz and Elphaba
    • I'm Not That Girl (Reprise) .... Glinda
    • As Long As You're Mine .... Elphaba and Fiyero
    • No Good Deed .... Elphaba
    • March of the Witch Hunters .... Boq and Citizens of Oz
    • For Good .... Glinda and Elphaba
    • Finale .... Company

Trivia & History

Final performance for Idina Menzel and Joey McIntyre.

Idina Menzel had fallen and broken her ribs at a previous performance, thus she was unable to perform. She came out of the trap door and performed the final scene and the Finale.

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