Song of Norway

Jones Beach Cast (1959)

Track List

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    • Prelude
    • The Legend
    • Hill of Dreams
    • Freddy and His Fiddle
    • Now
    • Strange Music
    • Hymn of Betrothal
    • Finale Act One
    • Bon Vivant
    • Three Loves
    • Nordraak's Farewell
    • Finaletto
    • I Love You
    • Concerto

Trivia & History

While this LP does not contain the full version of "Midsummer's Eve" the song is represented on the recording as a reprise in the Finale Act 1.

Recorded in March 1959.

When this album was recorded, the cast hadn't gone into rehearsal for the production yet. John Reardon and William Olvis hadn't played their roles yet.

Cover Art

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