Street Scene

Hollywood Bowl Cast (1949)





Anna Maurrant
Rose Maurrant
Sam Kaplan
Frank Maurrant
Henry Davis
Daniel Buchanan
Greta Fiorentino
Emma Jones
Olga Olsen
Lippo Fiorentino

Track List

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    • Ain't It Awful, the Heat?
    • I Got a Marble and a Star
    • Get a Load of That
    • When a Woman Has a Baby
    • Somehow I Never Could Believe
    • Ice Cream
    • Let Things Be Like They Always Was
    • Lonely House
    • What Good Would the Moon Be?
    • Remember That I Care
    • Entr'acte
    • There'll Be Trouble
    • A Boy Like You
    • We'll Go Away Together
    • The Woman Who Lived Up There
    • Interlude
    • Lullaby
    • I Loved Her, Too
    • Don't Forget the Lilac Bush
    • Ain't It Awful, the Heat?

Trivia & History

The broadcast of this concert was issued in 2009 by Naxos. For copyright reasons, this recording is not available in the United States.

Note from the Naxos recording: "This version of Street Scene was part of a two-hour concert broadcast live from the Hollywood Bowl and recorded by the Armed Forces Radio Service, who pressed it on sixteen-inch transcription discs. Program host Jack Little, not heard here, described the proceedings and introduced the performers but said nothing about the plot or characters, and in fact we’ve had to make educated guesses concerning a couple of numbers he did not announce. He also apologized to the radio audience after the opening number because one microphone failed to work, leaving the vocal ensemble almost inaudible."

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