On the Town

London Concert Cast (1992)





Claire DeLoone
Hildy Esterhazy
Ivy Smith
Pitkin W. Bridgework/First Workman/Announcer
Madame Dilly
Diana Dream
Night Club Singer
Workman/'New' Sailor
'New' Sailor
Rajah Bimmy

Track List

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    • I Feel Like I'm Not Out of Bed Yet
    • New York, New York
    • Presentation of Miss Turnstiles
    • Gabey's Comin'
    • Come Up to My Place
    • Carried Away
    • Lonely Town
    • High School Girls
    • Carnegie Hall Pavane
    • I Can Cook Too
    • Lucky to Be Me
    • Times Square Ballet
    • So Long, Baby
    • I Wish I Was Dead
    • You Got Me
    • Ain't Got No Tears Left
    • Pitkin's Song
    • Subway Ride
    • Imaginary Coney Island
    • The Great Lover Displays Himself
    • Pas de Deux
    • Some Other Time
    • The Real Coney Island
    • Finale
    • The Intermission's Great

Trivia & History

Unlike the commercial video, this recording did not feature the narration and the dialogue, and a few small cuts were made in the music. Betty Comden and Lynda Richardson are not heard on this recording, although they were in the concert and appear on the video.

Cover Art

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