The Sound of Music

Original Broadway Cast (1961)





Maria Rainer
Sister Berthe
Sister Margaretta
Mother Abbess
Sister Sophia
Captain Georg von Trapp
Frau Schmidt
Liesl von Trapp
Friedrich von Trapp
Louisa von Trapp
Kurt von Trapp
Brigitta von Trapp
Marta von Trapp
Gretl von Trapp
Rolf Gruber
Elsa Schraeder
Max Detweiler

Track List

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    • Preludium .... (Nuns of Nonnberg Abbey)
    • The Sound of Music .... Maria
    • Maria .... Mother Abbess, Sisters Margaretta, Berthe, Sophia
    • My Favorite Things .... Maria, Mother Abbess
    • Do Re Mi .... Maria, Children
    • You Are Sixteen .... Liesl, Rolf
    • The Lonely Goatherd .... Maria, Children
    • How Can Love Survive? .... Elsa, Max, Captain
    • The Sound of Music .... Maria, Captain, Children
    • So Long, Farewell .... Children
    • Climb Every Mountain .... Mother Abbess
    • Entr'acte .... Orchestra
    • No Way to Stop It .... Captain, Max, Elsa
    • Ordinary Couple .... Maria, Captain
    • Processional .... Ensemble
    • You Are Sixteen .... Maria, Liesel
    • Do Re Mi .... Maria, Captain, Children
    • Edelweiss .... Captain, Maria, Children
    • So Long, Farewell .... Maria, Captain, Children
    • Climb Every Mountain .... Company

Trivia & History

This recording was reportedly made at the evening performance on Oct. 7, 1961, which was the final performance in the production of Mary Martin, Theodore Bikel, and Patricia Neway. Theodore Bikel has reportedly said that the actor who played Rolf at this performance was replacement Jon Voight rather than Brian Davies, the original Rolf. But according to contemporary accounts, Davies was still in the show on Oct. 7, 1961. He and Lauri Peters played their final performance a week later, on Oct. 14.

Comparison listening of the voice of the actor playing Rolf on this recording with other recordings of Davies and Voight —including, for Davies, the cast recording of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and a live recording of the show (both probably closer in time to this performance than the Sound of Music cast recording) and for Voight, the Columbia cast recording of the 1965 Off-Broadway production of Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridgeon which he even sings a bit — have convinced us that it is Davies on this recording.

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