Bye Bye Birdie

Broadway Revival Cast (First Preview) (2009)



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    • We Love You Conrad! .... Fan Club Members
    • An English Teacher .... Rosie Alvarez
    • The Telephone Hour .... Teenagers
    • How Lovely to Be a Woman .... Kim MacAfee
    • Put on a Happy Face .... Albert Peterson, Fan Club Members
    • Normal American Boy .... Rosie Alvarez, Albert Peterson, Fan Club Members, Reporters
    • One Boy .... Kim MacAfee, Hugo Peabody, Rosie Alvarez
    • Honestly Sincere .... Conrad Birdie
    • Hymn for a Sunday Evening .... The MacAfee Family
    • One Last Kiss .... Conrad Birdie, the MacAfees, TV Quartet, Ensemble
    • What Did I Ever See in Him? .... Rosie Alvarez, Kim MacAfee
    • Kids .... Mr. MacAfee, Mrs. MacAfee, Randolph MacAfee
    • A Lot of Livin' to Do .... Conrad Birdie, Kim MacAfee, Teenagers
    • Baby, Talk to Me .... Albert Peterson, Bar Quartet
    • Spanish Rose .... Rosie Alvarez
    • Rosie .... Albert Peterson, Rosie Alvarez
    • Bye Bye Birdie .... Company

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