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    • Promenade Theme .... Orchestra
    • Unrequited Love .... Misses I, O and U, Mr. R and Ensemble
    • Isn't That Clear? .... Mr. S and Ensemble
    • Four .... Misses I, O and U, Messsrs. R, S and T
    • Chicken Is He .... Rosita
    • A Flower .... Miss I
    • The Moment Has Passed .... Miss O
    • The Clothes Make the Man .... Servant, 105 and 106
    • The Cigarette Song .... Servant with 105 and 106
    • Two Little Angels .... Mother with 105 and 106
    • The Passing of Time .... 105 and 106
    • Capricious and Fickle .... Miss U
    • Crown Me .... Servant with 105 and 106
    • A Poor Man .... 105 and 106
    • Little Fool .... Mr. T and Ensemble
    • Listen, I Feel .... Servant
    • I Saw a Man .... Mother
    • All Is Well in the City .... 105, 106 and Ensemble

Trivia & History

By the time the cast recording was made, original cast members Madeline Kahn, George S. Irving and Marc Allen III had left the production. On the recording, their roles are performed, respectively, by Sandra Schaeffer, Elliott Savage and Al Settimio. (Some reports say that Irving and Allen were on vacation, but that seems to be incorrect.) Gilbert Price seems to have also left the production by the time of the recording, but he performs his role. His replacement, Anthony Falco, seems to have also participated in the recording, probably adding another voice in the group numbers.

It has sometimes been reported that Columbia was interested in recording the score and was willing to release it on two records. That would have allowed the complete score to be recorded, but it is said that the company and the cast could not come to agreement on salaries, and Columbia bowed out. We don't know if that's true. In any case, the recording ended up being made by RCA, with many numbers from the long score going unrecorded.

The booklet for the CD issue includes a listing of the original cast, with footnotes indicating that Madeline Kahn and George S. Irving were replaced by Sandra Schaeffer and Elliott Savage. There is no footnote indicating that Marc Allen III was replaced by Al Settimio, but this is clearly an omission as Allen has never been listed as being on the recording, while Settimio had always been listed on the cover (and he's listed on the booklet cover for the CD issue as well). In the booklet's song list, Settimio is nonetheless correctly listed as one of the singers in "Unrequited Love," as he was on the LP issue.

The original LP issue put the songs in an order considerably different from show order. This may have been because with so many numbers missing, any sense of progression was already lost and a different order may have been deemed more effective for home listening under the circumstances. Here is the LP song order:

  • Promenade Theme
  • Unrequited Love
  • The Cigarette Song
  • A Flower
  • Isn't That Clear?
  • Two Little Angels
  • Four
  • Chicken Is He
  • The Passing of Time
  • Crown Me
  • Capricious and Fickle
  • The Moment Has Passed
  • Little Fool
  • The Clothes Make the Man
  • A Poor Man
  • Listen, I Feel
  • I Saw a Man
  • All Is Well in the City

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