Anyone Can Whistle

Original Broadway Cast (1964)

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    • Prelude .... Orchestra
    • Me and My Town .... Cora and the Boys
    • Miracle Song .... Cora, Cooley, Townspeople, Tourists and Pilgrims
    • There Won't Be Trumpets .... Fay
    • Simple .... Hapgood and Company
    • Come Play Wiz Me .... Fay and Hapgood
    • Anyone Can Whistle .... Fay
    • A Parade in Town .... Cora
    • Everybody Says Don't .... Hapgood
    • I've Got You to Lean On .... Cora, Schub, Cooley, Magruder and the Boys
    • See What It Gets You .... Fay
    • The Cookie Chase .... Cora, Fay, Schub and Company
    • With So Little to Be Sure Of .... Fay and Hapgood
    • The Lame, the Halt and the Blind (Bonus Track) .... Stephen Sondheim
    • I'm Like the Bluebird (Bonus Track) .... Stephen Sondheim
    • With So Little to Be Sure Of (pre-rehearsal version) (Bonus Track) .... Stephen Sondheim
    • Anyone Can Whistle (Bonus Track) .... Stephen Sondheim
    • Come Play Wiz Me (Bonus Track) .... Stephen Sondheim

Trivia & History

The more recent reissues of this recording, which was originally issued on Columbia, have restored material cut on the original release (and the first two LP reissues, both on Columbia Special Products). The recording of "There Won't Be Trumpets," a song that was cut from the show before it opened but was included in the published script and score, was added to the first CD issue. Also added were some missing sections of the "Cookie Chase," which had been recorded complete but had been originally issued with a couple of instrumental sections cut.

The most recent CD reissue of  also includes some demos sung by Sondheim, some of which are of songs that were either cut, left off the recording, or significantly revised by the time of the Broadway opening.

The first release of "There Won't Be Trumpets" was on RCA's 1985 set A Collector's Sondheim. RCA licensed the track from Columbia for that issue.

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