The Frogs

World Premiere Cast (1974)

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    • Prologos: Invocation and Instructions to the Audience .... Dionysos and Xanthias
    • Traveling Music .... Chorus
    • Parodos: The Frogs .... Chorus
    • Hymnos: Evoe! .... Dionysians
    • Parabasis: It's Only a Play .... Hierophantes and Dionysians
    • Paean: Evoe! For the Dead .... Dionysos and Dionysians
    • Invocation to the Muses .... Dionysos and Dionysians
    • Exodos: The Sound of Poets .... Dionysians

Trivia & History

Surprisingly good sound, except during the title song (sung by a large chorus in a swimming pool), given the apparently impossible acoustics of the space in which it was performed.

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