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    • Waltz Suite: Carousel
    • You're a Queer One, Julie Jordan
    • When I Marry Mister Snow
    • If I Loved You
    • June Is Bustin' Out All Over
    • When the Children Are Asleep
    • My Little Girl
    • Blow High, Blow Low
    • What's the Use of Wond'rin'
    • This Was a Real Nice Clambake
    • You'll Never Walk Alone

Trivia & History

The 1958 cast of this recording was released as a cast album of the production at the 1958 Expo World's Fair at Brussels; however, only Jan Clayton from that production sings on this recording.  David Atkinson, who played Billy for that production, does not sing on the recording at all.

The 1966 reissue on Buena Vista was a gate-fold cover and inside the album were drawings representing each of the songs.

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