Sondheim: A Musical Tribute

Original Broadway Cast (1973)

Recording Info

Recording Type: Commercial
Origin: Sound System
Material Included: Musical Numbers Only
Date Recorded: March 11, 1973

Track List

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Disc One

  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • Do I Hear a Waltz? .... Dorothy Collins
  • If Mama Was Married .... Alice Playten and Virginia Sandifur
  • America .... Chita Rivera and Pamela Myers
  • One More Kiss .... Justine Johnston and Victoria Mallory
  • Broadway Baby .... Ethel Shutta
  • You Could Drive a Person Crazy .... Donna McKechnie, Pamela Myers and Susan Browning
  • Take Me to the World .... Marti Rolph
  • I Remember .... Victoria Mallory
  • Silly People .... George Lee Andrews
  • Two Fairy Tales .... Mark Lambert and Victoria Mallory
  • Love Is in the Air .... Larry Blyden and Susan Browning
  • Your Eyes Are Blue .... Harvey Evans and Pamela Hall
  • Pleasant Little Kingdom .... Dorothy Collins and John McMartin
  • Too Many Mornings .... Dorothy Collins and John McMartin

Disc Two

  • Entr'acte .... Orchestra
  • Me and My Town .... Angela Lansbury with Harvey Evans and Tony Stevens
  • The Little Things You Do Together .... Mary McCarty
  • Lovely .... Harvey Evans and Pamela Hall
  • Getting Married Today .... Beth Howland, Teri Ralston and Steve Elmore
  • Buddy's Blues .... Larry Blyden with Donna McKechnie and Chita Rivera
  • So Many People .... Susan Browning and Jack Cassidy
  • Another Hundred People .... Pamela Myers
  • Happily Ever After .... Larry Kert
  • Being Alive .... Larry Kert
  • We're Gonna Be All Right .... Laurence Guittard and Teri Ralston
  • Beautiful Girls .... Ron Holgate
  • I'm Still Here .... Nancy Walker
  • A Parade in Town .... Angela Lansbury
  • Could I Leave You? .... Alexis Smith
  • Losing My Mind .... Dorothy Collins
  • Anyone Can Whistle .... Stephen Sondheim
  • Side by Side by Side .... Company

Trivia & History

The original LP release on Warner Bros. did not include ”Another Hundred People,” but it was added for the CD release on RCA VIctor. The overture was heard in a cut version on the LP but was issued complete on the CD release.

Due to technical difficulties, neither the original LP release on Warner Bros. nor the later RCA CD release included the performance of ”Could I Leave You?” heard at the concert. There were technical difficulties with this number as recorded at the performance. David Hummel's book The Collector's Guide to the American Musical Theatre states that it was re-recorded in a studio. It seems possible, however, that the performance that appears on the commercial issues was recorded at the dress rehearsal as the basic sound quality is similar to that of the rest of the recording rather than sounding like it was recorded in a studio.

The performance on the commercial releases is audibly different from the concert performance. The most obvious difference is that at the concert, Alexis Smith made an error in the line ”Sullen glares from those injured eyes,” singing ”your” instead of ”those.” On the commercial releases, ”those” is heard.

Recording Info

Recording Type: Commercial
Origin: Sound System
Material Included: Musical Numbers Only
Date Recorded: March 11, 1973



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