The Fantasticks

Japan Tour Cast (1990)



No staff listed.


Hucklebee [The Boy's Father]
Bellomy [The Girl's Father]
Luisa [The Girl]
Matt [The Boy]
El Gallo [The Narrator]
Henry [The Old Actor]
Mortimer [The Man Who Dies]
The Mute
The Harp
The Piano

Track List

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    • Overture
    • Try to Remember
    • Much More
    • Metaphor
    • Never Say No
    • It Depends on What You Pay
    • You Wonder How These Things Begin
    • Soon It's Gonna Rain
    • Rape Ballet
    • Happy Ending
    • This Plum Is Too Ripe
    • I Can See It
    • Plant a Radish
    • Much More
    • Round and Round
    • I Can See It
    • There Is a Curious Paradox
    • They Were You
    • Try to Remember (reprise)
    • This Is the Perfect Time to Be in Love

Trivia & History

In addition to the numbers indicated, this recording contains ten titled tracks which consist of spoken material, some of it unaccompanied, some with musical underscoring. These titles do not occur in programs.

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