Lost in the Stars

Studio Cast (1992)





Stephen Kumalo
Absalom Kumalo/John Kumalo/Man in 'Fear'/Villager in 'Bird of Passage'

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    • The Hills of Ixopo .... Leader and Chorus
    • Thousands of Miles .... Stephen
    • Train to Johannesburg .... Leader and Chorus
    • Little Tin God .... John Kumalo
    • The Search .... Leader and Chorus
    • Little Gray House (Intro) .... Stephen and Alex
    • Little Gray House .... Stephen and Chorus
    • Who'll Buy? .... Linda
    • Trouble Man .... Irina
    • Murder in Parkwold .... Chorus
    • Fear .... Chorus
    • Lost in the Stars .... Stephen and Chorus
    • Entr'acte .... Orchestra
    • The Wild Justice .... Leader and Chorus
    • O Tixo, Tixo, Help Me .... Stephen
    • Stay Well .... Irina
    • The Wild Justice (Reprise) .... Chorus
    • Cry, the Beloved Country .... Leader and Chorus
    • Big Mole .... Alex
    • A Bird of Passage .... Villager and Chorus
    • Four O'Clock .... Leader and Chorus
    • Finale .... Ensemble

Trivia & History

The orchestra heard on the recording is the Orchestra of St. Luke's.

The recording includes "Little Tin God," cut prior to the opening of the original production. In the booklet for the CD, the recording of that song is indicated as being the first recording of the song, but as far as we can tell two other numbers received a first recording here ("The Wild Justice" and the entr'acte) and one received a much more complete recording than previously ("Who'll Buy?").

Cover Art

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