Irma La Douce

Original London Cast (year unknown)





Bob-le-Hotu, Proprietor of the Bar-des-Inquiets
Irma-la-Douce, a Poule
Man with a Juke Box
Jojo-les-Yeux-Sales, a Mec
Roberto-les-Diams, a Mec
Persil-le-Noir, a Mec
Frangipane, a Mec
Polyte-le-Mou, a Mec
Nestor-le-Fripe, a Law Student
Police Inspector
M. Bougne, a Ballroom Owner
Counsel for the Prosecution
Counsel for the Defence
An Usher
An Honest Man
First Warder
Second Warder
Third Warder
A Priest
A Tax Inspector
A Flic

Track List

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    • Valse Milieu .... Bob, Irma
    • Tres Tres Snob .... Roberto, Polyte, Jojo, Persil, Frangipane
    • The Bridge of Caulaincourt .... Irma, Nestor
    • Our Language of Love .... Irma, Nestor
    • She's Got the Lot .... Irma's Admirers (Roy Desmond, Roy Evans, Harry Goodier, Bill Morgan, Julian Orchard, Howard Short and William Thorburn)
    • Dis-donc, Dis-donc .... Irma
    • Le Grisbi Is le Root of le Evil in Man .... Nestor, Bob, Roberto, Polyte, Jojo, Persil, Frangipane
    • The Wreck of a Mec .... Nestor
    • That's a Crime .... Roberto, Polyte, Jojo, Persil, Frangipane
    • From a Prison Cell .... Nestor
    • Irma-la-Douce .... Irma
    • There Is Only One Paris for That
    • The Freedom of the Seas
    • Fever Dance .... Nestor, Roberto, Polyte, Jojo, Persil, Frangipane
    • Our Language of Love (Reprise) .... Irma
    • But .... Nestor, Polyte, Police Inspector, Tax Inspector, M. Bougne
    • Christmas Child .... Company

Trivia & History

At least some LP issues — perhaps all of them — placeed "Le Grisbi is le Root of le Evil in Man" placed after "That's a Crime," which did not reflect the production's sequencing of songs. The CD issue on Sepia moved it to reflect the production's sequence (after "Dis-Donc, Dis-Donc"), and we have followed that order in our listing. The LP issue's song list is more specific as to who is singing on each track, and we have used that information to help make our list as thorough as possible.

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